Frank Duffy 10mile Race Recap

Date: Saturday 22nd August 2015
Location: Pheonix Park, Dublin, Ireland
Entry Fee: €20
Distance: 10miles

I was nervous the morning of this run (becoming a running trend for official races) this time because of the problems I’ve been having with my right quad. I went for Physio the day before back in Dublin (I flew home from London for this race) and I was told that I was fine to run but that I should come back on the Monday for Dry needling.

Rachel and my Dad had already run a half marathon two weeks previous (the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half) in a time of 2hrs 25mins which is a pace of 11:04/mile.

Our goals today:

Goal A: Finish the race – this seems like an obvious one but with my injury I was worried

Goal A+: Beat the pace set by Dad and Rachel of the half marathon so that this race could also be a good POT especially for me as my half marathon wasn’t until the end of September which is cutting it close for POT

Goal A++: 10miles in 1hr37mins which sits right at a pace of 9:45/mile which is about the pace I ran the 10k in earlier in the year.

Race Recap

The morning of the race we got up early, I ate my usual pre-run breakfast of a bagel with peanut butter and banana (I sometimes forgo the banana). Me and Rachel decided to wear our red minnie sparkle skirts for the first time as a sort of trial run for the Dublin Marathon and Dopey (and because I already want another one but felt I should try it out first!). I was also wearing my fitletic belt and filled both 80z bottles with power aid as there were water stops on the course.


We arrived and parked close to Phenix Park and made our way towards the start. This race was part of the official race series for the Dublin Marathon so it was really busy

We stopped to use the portable toilets, there were a few different groups of them and we walked further from the start for a shorter line. Soon after we lined up to start.


There didn’t really seem to be an official start and before we knew it we were crossing the start line which was right when Dad realised his Nike Plus watch hadn’t got satellite signal so me and Rachel ran on ahead and he caught us a few minutes later.

I was feeling good, my quad was taped up from phsyio the day before and my legs felt strong. The new sparkle skirt was comfortable and we got lots of compliments from fellow runners and spectators.

We were about a mile into the run when my positive outlook changed. Rachel was really struggling, she wasn’t feeling great at all and we stopped for an early walk break. Unfortunately it was an uphill battle from there, she was getting really frustrated as she’d never struggled this early on. We were taking regular walk breaks and our pace was suffering which just added to the frustration. I had been sipping my poweraid and thinking I probably should have done one bottle power aid and one water as the first water stop wasn’t until 4miles and it was quite warm and sweaty!


When we got to the water stop around mile 4 there were no cups left so all they had were the large water bottles they’d been using the fill the cups so we grabbed one of them that was about 1/4 full and shared it. It was so awkward to drink out of!

Random running pic of Rachel and Dad

We continued to push on, when we were running our pace was still about our usual running pace of 9:45/mile but our walks were more frequent and longer than usual. We continued getting lots of cheers for the ‘minnie’s’ which was fun! The temperature however was more humid than we’d been used to which didn’t help our situation. We were coming towards the half-way point when we were blessed with a long hill that gave us a little boost. At the bottom of the hill was this beauty

A fire truck spraying us with water… HEAVEN

We continued to push on and the course took us outside of park along the main road. We came back in to find our next water stop around 8mile and AGAIN it was a bit of a disaster with only large water bottles. We took another one to share. We took our final walk break about 500m out from the finish line. I was feeling good push to the finish before that but it just wasn’t Rachel’s day.

We got close to the finish line and the crowd support was great. The announcer shouted out my Dad’s name saying that he must thinking ‘I would’ve been finished AGES ago if it hadn’t been for these two’ which gave me a bit of a giggle because it’s totally true!

Here are some photos from our sprint to the finish!


This has to be one of the happiest running photos I’ve ever seen



We finished strong as we normally do and collected our race bags and tech t-shirt but NO MEDAL… Seriously grinds my gears when there is no medal!

Myself and Rachel had to go straight to dance class to teach for two hours. My legs were TIGHT which I think is down to all the walking as they’d cool down and tighten up before we’d run again. We got a nice photo back home in our new shirts


My official finish time: 01:49:45
Pace: 10:58/mile

A new PR at the 10mile distance WHOOP!
(ye it was our first 10mile SO WHAT?! o_O haha)


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