Dopey Training w/e 30/08/2015

24/08/2015 – DRY NEEDLING & REST – Completed
25/08/2015 – REST – Completed
26/08/2015 – 3k run – Completed
27/08/2015 – 7k run Pace & Stretch&Strength – Completed
28/08/2015 – 4k run – Completed
29/08/2015 – Stretch
30/08/2015 – 15m run – Completed 12.5/15​


This week started out with dry needling on my right quad on Monday. It… was… PAINFUL! My physio told me I would need rest Monday and Tuesday but would hopefully be able to run Wednesday so I adjusted my plan accordingly. I decided to scale down the mid-week runs to the same distance but in KM instead of Miles (which is about 60% of the original plan)

I’ve got 9weeks of training until my first ever marathon! Wow that sounds scary!

I joined a running club in London. I’ve never been part of a club before but since I moved I’ve struggled a bit with motivation as I used to always run with my Dad and Sister. My long runs in particular I’m struggling with by myself so hopefully this club will work out well! My joining fee came with an initial assessment with a trainer. She had me running barefoot and also assessed my flexibility and strength. From this I was given a programme to follow around my running schedule that includes a stretches, rolling and strength exercises. Also as an added bonus I noticed that they sold my trainers (Brooks Adrenaline 15GTS) and when I asked about them they were being sold off at 50pounds each which was a lot cheaper than the original pair I bought earlier on the year (I was fitted in a running store if you’re interested you can read about it HERE). I bought two pairs, unfortunately they only had one pair of 15GTS in my size but they did have a pair of the 14GTS so I tried them on and decided to get both. I figure I can easily break in the two new pairs between now and Dopey and I’ll be sorted with three for the race weekend.

My main focus over the next 9 weeks is to stick to my training plan, I want to get the mileage under my belt without any more injury. To help prevent injury I’ll be adding in the strength and strength programs to my timetable and rolling everyday. The strength training plan isn’t super hardcore but focuses on building strength in my legs and core. I’m running a half marathon in week 5 and want to finish in under 2hrs25 as this is the time my Dad and Sister finished their half that they’ll be using for POT for Dopey.

Week in Review

Mid-Week Runs

I am really happy with how this week went. The only downside was that all of my midweek runs were in the gym. I much prefer to run outside but it was a very rainy week in London and as I’ve only moved recently I’ve got two routes that I’ve tried and neither in the rain before. I’ve also not found a route near my job as I’m quite centrally located (Old Street near Shorditch for anyone familiar with the area) the streets are really busy all around my office so any lunch time runs will have to be at the gym which is conveniently located around the corner to my office. I did however feel GREAT after my midweek runs! I rolled and stretched each time and did a longer stretch session on Thursday as well as the strength training exercises I’ve been given. I didn’t do the strength training Friday as I was a little sore from Thursday and wanted to make sure I could complete the 15m run on Sunday

Long Run

This weeks long run was scheduled for 15miles which would be a pretty big step up from the 10miles the week before. As I’ve mentioned before I am following a plan that is a mix of Hal Higdon’s 10mile, novice supreme marathon and Dopy training plans. We were following the novice supreme marathon plan however we adjusted the week prior to the 10mile down to match the final week in his 10mile plan to insure we were in a good place for a run to get a good POT. As a result last weeks run was still at the right length of 10miles per the Novice Supreme Marathon plan as this was a step back week (our long runs alternate so every second weekend is shorter). It feels so strange calling a 10mile run a ‘step back’ week, that 10mile run was LONG!

So coming off the back of a difficult 10miler we also had another complication. Our family vacation this year was in Spain and we arrived on Saturday. I was traveling from London on a very early flight so I was up at 4am Saturday morning with about 3.5hrs sleep. We had checked the temperatures in advance and it was looking pretty hot indeed. So Sunday morning we get up at 5am (which is 4am home time) big sleepy heads on us and get ourselves dressed, eat my usual bagel with peanut butter. I strapped on my fitletic belt with both 8oz bottles filled with cold water. My Dad has a large sports bottle on his belt with water mixed with tabs and we all carry an additional 500ml bottle of power aid. I strap on my Garmin and we hit the road.

It was SO HOT!!! The air felt heavy as I tried to breath it in, I was sweating like crazy and I could already feel the additional effort this was taking just 1mile in. We took a short walk break and already felt defeated. We pushed on and it was tough, our pace was BAD, we usually run about 6mins a km and we were up at 8mins initially. We dropped a bottle of power aid and water around this point to pick up on our return. We got to about the 4mile mark and my sister was really struggling. There was a little meltdown had at this point and we walked it out and I said let’s just get to the 10km mark and then we can reassess and continue or turn around if needed (we were doing an out and back). I should note at this point that my Dad was of course fine at this point as he always is because he is some sort of MACHINE! We continued with frequent walk breaks and made it to 10k when my sister was set on turning around. TBH I was happy to cut it short too as I was struggling with the heat pretty bad. We made the U-Turn and started running back.

Mentally the way back was easier. Rachel seemed happier and we ran some pretty good stretches without stopping. We started setting ourselves landmark targets that we’d run to without stopped as well. We did however realise at this point that we should have taken more fluids. The heat meant we needed more water, an extra bottle or two would have done it and had we frozen them and left them on our trail even to tip half over us and drink the rest would have been heaven. Physically I was starting to hurt more. My legs felt heavy and I was getting some discomfort in my shins and calf which I am putting down to wearing new runners. I was running for the first time in my new 15GTS which I know wasn’t the best idea but I left my original pair of 15GTS back home in Dublin after the 10mile so I have them there to do my training runs anytime I’m home and for the BIG ONE… The Dublin Marathon!

Back to my run. We had a strong couple of miles on the return journey but the last few were tough. We were low and then out of fluids and really hot and bothered as the sun had started to rise. We made it back though and I didn’t feel terrible afterwards. I was just HOT! I quickly caught my breath and enjoyed a cold drink of water and then felt like I could run more if necessary. So in the end we made 12.5/15. Not what we wanted but considering the circumstances I’ll take it and I’m proud of us for getting through a second mentally tough run together.

Next week’s long run is down as 16miles and we’ll still be here in Spain. Wish me luck!


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