Dopey Training w/e 13/09/2015

07/09/2015 – REST – Played Tag Rugby
08/09/2015 – 4m Run – Completed
09/09/2015 – 8m Run – Completed in splits
10/09/2015 – 5m Run – Completed & STRENGHT
11/09/2015 – REST – Completed
12/09/2015 – 18m Run – DEFFERRED
13/09/2015 – REST – Completed​



Got back from Spain early this week and back to work as normal… boo!

This training week turned out to be quite chaotic. I started the week feeling really positive after our successful 16mile. I signed up to play tag rugby with a friend and her team, I’m trying to expand my social circle in London since I’ve just recently moved. Luckily two of my best friends live here already so I’m not totally friendless! The tag rugby is great fun and there is always a trip to the pub afterwards, the problem is however that it’s the day before my running week starts and it’s a lot of stop starting and sprinting which takes a toll on my legs.

Life in London is quite hectic, there is always something happening and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to run. As a result ALL of my runs this week were at the gym.

Week in Review

Mid – Week Runs

08/09/2015 – 4m Run – Completed
I went to the gym at lunch time for this run and watched some TV on my phone to keep me entertained. It was pretty average, my legs felt tired but no major complaints. I stuck to 4:1 intervals.

09/09/2015 – 8m Run – Completed in splits
Today I had decided to go for my first run with the running club I joined recently. I wasn’t sure how long the run was going to be and when I mailed the club they said they don’t give out the details on the plan for a Wednesday because it’s not a standard run, they’ll do sprint intervals or hill training or something else along those lines. To be cautious I went to the gym again at lunch and ran about 3miles.

I arrived up at the running club feeling quite nervous but luckily everyone was really friendly. The agenda for today was a loop around the area that was about 2miles where we would jog comfortably for 60secs and sprint for 20secs. We had to run the loop twice.

WOW what a difference those 20secs made, I found this run really tough. I got my first stitch in months and I didn’t recover very well on the jogs (I normally do run/walk intervals where I recover on the walk)

I made it through though and felt pretty good for it!

10/09/2015 – 5m Run – Completed & STRENGHT
I’ve been worried about my strength training (or lack thereof) and a girl that I work with was doing a circuit class this morning at my gym so I decided to join her. I was up early and on the tube by 7AM for the 7.45AM class. There were 6 stations at the circuit class, the first was squats with a resistance band to hold up over your head like you were doing the Y from YMCA. Second was an arm workout with a long cylinder weight you held with both hands and punched out. The third was HORRIBLE you had to get down into a press up position and kick your legs up high (like a really bag handstand but kicking up with force) and kind pull your knees in and then back down. I was getting all sweaty and thought I was going to faceplant one of these! Next was stepping up onto a high block holding weights and back down. Station 5 was another arm workout that included a bend down to the floor to pick up. Last was a side plank with a twist with a weight in your free hand. I HATE THE PLANK. Each circuit was followed by a ‘tough minute’ of a cardio move which today was a side step and floor touch.

I was really feeling it towards the end but I completed the four circuits.

I completed my run at lunch as well. Again on the treadmill and uneventful.

11/09/2015 – REST – Completed
Stupid circuits.

Long Run

12/09/2015 – 18m Run – DEFFERRED
Part of my busy scheduled also includes a new person in my life, we’ll refer to him as prince charming, who very nicely booked a weekend away for us. I was planning on running while there but on Friday when I was packing I was in SO MUCH PAIN I just decided I’d do the run on Sunday when we got back. I had a lovely weekend and it was so nice to have a weekend with no running.

13/09/2015 – REST – Completed
So… I didn’t complete my 18m on Sunday either, It was about 6pm when I was home and I just didn’t feel up to it. I’d enjoyed my weekend and we’d actually had a drink with Sunday lunch so my body was not in the right state for an 18mile run. I decided I would run Monday instead.

I felt so guilty on Sunday night but I knew I would probably only feel worse if I went out. I was in bed and asleep by 8.30PM. It felt so good to have a break. ​