Dopey Training w/e 20/09/2015

14/09/2015 – Deferred 18miles – Completed 12/18miles in 3parts & Tag Rugby
15/09/2015 – REST – Completed
16/09/2015 – 4m Run – Completed
17/09/2015 – 5m Run – Completed
18/09/2015 – REST – Completed
19/09/2015 – 12m Run – 8m/12m completed
20/09/2015 – REST – Completed



I’m feeling a little bit emotional


Or a LOT emotional… That’s probably more accurate.

As I posted lasts week I missed my 18mile and then tried to catch up on Monday. I’m feeling the weight of our first marathon next month. My legs felt heavy last week and I figured with the rest taken over the weekend that I’d have fresh legs but come Monday’s run they felt heavy again.

Fast forward to our long run this weekend and we don’t manage to complete it. I generally try to stay focused on the positives with this training and I feel like so far I’ve done pretty well with the mental battle of this tough training and in particular during our long training runs like our 16miles two weeks ago. Right now I’m questioning whether or not I’m going to be up to this. I’m getting so frustrated with my legs and confused about what I should be doing for the best. I feel guilty when I miss a run but then when I run and my leg is hurting I wonder if I should be resting to avoid injury but then if I rest I miss more runs… :confused3

Just to explain a little further about the issue I’ve been having with my right leg.


Originally my issue was with the Gracilis muscle on the inside of my leg. It was really tight and causing discomfort in my right knee. I went for physio and had several rounds of dry needling (Myofacial Trigger PointDry Needling) which is NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE PEOPLE but it really did help. I wasn’t able to run the day I had treatment or the day after but I was able to continue running on other days and just not increase my mileage so it didn’t impact too negatively on training. More recently I’ve had the odd tighness in the same muscle and some similar issues with a few muscles in my right quad. I had further dry needling before our 10mile and since then I’d felt pretty good. The last two weeks that tightness is back so I’ll be going back to physio this week.

I have my POT next weekend so that was also playing on my mind this last week. I would’ve just liked to have a positive training week.

Anyway… it is what it is. We still ran on Saturday and I’ll hopefully get the right treatment to loosen my muscles for next weeks half marathon.

Do any of you have advice for when you’re feeling this frustration? The emotional side of it is more attached to the purpose behind all of this. It means a lot to me to raise funds and awareness for the cancer support centre my mam attended and on top of that there are other people I worry about disappointing.

Week in Review

Mid – Week Runs

13/09/2015 – Deferred 18miles – Completed 12/18miles in 3parts & Tag Rugby
I was up early this morning and off to the gym for the first portion of my long run. The weather in London has been pretty grim lately and I’m also still not all that familiar with the routes around my area in particular the longer ones. I’m not really enjoying these threadmil runs though so I think I need to sort that problem out. On the plus side I can watch some TV while I run so that’s a nice distraction. I ran about 5miles in the morning. I came back at lunch and ran a further 4miles and then 3 more after work.

15/09/2015 – 4m Run – Completed
Another run on the threadmil. The weather is KILLING ME. I got through it but my head just wasn’t really in it.

16/09/2015 – 5m Run – Completed
Same as yesterday. On the threadmil, watched some TV and legs didn’t feel great. I foam rolled and stretched as usual but just felt pretty tired and heavy over all.

Long Run

18/09/2015 – 12m Run – 7m/12m completed

This run was TOUGH. As soon as we set out I didn’t feel right, my legs were really heavy and it felt like so much effort. We were running 5:1 intervals and got about 4 intervals in when I started to feel some more discomfort in my right leg. We took a longer walk break while I debated turning back but I really wanted to see the miles out. We continued on and about 2 intervals later Rachel’s hip was hurting so we took a turn that would shorten our run. From then on it was a struggle. We took several longer walks break and I had to cut our runs short a few times when I felt some pain in my leg.



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