Dopey Training w/e 27/09/2015

21/09/2015 – DRY NEEDLING
22/09/2015 – 4m Run – Unscheduled rest taken
23/09/2015 – 3m Run – Unscheduled rest taken
24/09/2015 – 2m Run – Completed
25/09/2015 – REST – Completed
26/09/2015 – REST – Completed
27/09/2015 – Ealing Half Marathon – **Completed with PR**

15 Miles


So…. After struggling at the weekend with our 12mile run I got myself back to physio on Monday and I had needling treatment again. I was feeling really nervous about my half coming up on Sunday as it was proof of time race for Dopey. My Dad and Sister ran their half in 2hrs25mins so I really wanted to get that time or beat it so they didn’t have to drop back for me. My Dad flew to London on Friday so that he could run with me, it was really nice having him over for the weekend. I moved to London two months ago so it was his first time visiting me. I struggled mentally again this week. I was frustrated with my injury and concerned about running my half without my mid-week runs but I knew that in order to be in the best shape for the run I needed to rest after treatment.

I’ve spoken about dry needling before and I’ve found it very affecting for quick recovery, I came home Monday after treatment with my leg hurting quite a bit and then I did something really stupid. I stood on a nail. It went right into my foot and I had to pull it back out. Luckily it wasn’t a rusty old one but my foot was sore and tender afterwards. NOT the way I want the build-up to my half to be going!!

Week in Review

Mid – Week Runs

24/09/2015 – 2m Run – Completed
Only one mid-week run and it was a short one at 2miles. I felt pain in my big toe on the same foot I stood on the nail so that didn’t really help my pre-race nerves.

Long Run

27/09/2015 – Ealing Half Marathon – **Completed with PR**

Race-Recap coming soon! ​