Dopey Training w/e 11/10/2015

05/10/2015 – 6m Run – Completed
06/10/2015 – REST
07/10/2015 – 20m Run – Completed
08/10/2015 – REST – Completed
09/10/2015 – REST – Completed
10/10/2015 – 3m Run – Completed
11/10/2015 – REST – Completed​



I arrived in Greece the previous Saturday, we were staying in an all inclusive 5* resort and it was absolute luxury. Having enjoyed the first two days and caught up on some sleep after a really early start on Saturday (we had to get up at 2am to make our flight!) I was feeling a lot better.

There was a gym in the hotel so I knew I had a treadmill to use but was hoping to do my 20mile run outdoors. The week itself was quite indulgent as the hotel had 4 restaurants with amazing food and we had cocktails, a mini bar in the room and basically everything we wanted right at our fingertips. The day before my 20mile I had to seriously restrain myself and stuck to water and non-alcoholic cocktails for the day.

Week in Review
05/10/2015 – 6m Run – Completed
I wasn’t so good and behaving myself the night before this run but I got up all same and managed the full 6miles on the treadmill. The gym was quite warm I found so I was planning to check out some routes for the 20mile.

07/10/2015 – 20m Run – Completed
So… As I’d said previously I wanted to run this outside. I was out running before 7am and left the hotel complex on the route I’d planned towards the main road. I got about 400m away from the main entrance when I spotted two BIG dogs. One was a German Shepard but I’m not sure about the other. I ran past in the hope that they would ignore me but that was not the case. They came charging towards me so I stopped dead and they just kinda hung around me. These were stray dogs which you will find a lot of in Greece so I’m told. I was too afraid to run with them around so I walked back to the hotel and into the complex. Our hotel complex had about a 1mile path that weaved around the it so I just rand around that for the next hour until the gym opened.

I completed my run on the treadmill taking a short break to walk around and cool down a bit about an hour in.

10/10/2015 – 3m Run – Completed

I took it so handy for this run. I got up, went to breakfast, ate a croissant and then watched some TV while running on the treadmill and doing my intervals.

I’m back home now and the marathon is a week and a half away. I’m getting more nervous as the days go by, I have moments when I freak out a bit and think that I’m not prepared enough and then I have other times when I think about crossing the finish line…